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MLB Radio - follow the Major League Baseball on radio streams live

MLB on the radio. At you can follow the Major League Baseball. Enjoy all results live and listen to matches of the current gameday.

Note: Not all stations are available outside the US. Please try alternate stations if you run into one.

Season 2022/2023


Monday 05/29/2023

5:05 PM

Cleveland Guardians

On the radio: WTAM 1100 AM

Baltimore Orioles

6:20 PM

Tampa Bay Rays

On the radio: WDAE 620 AM 95.3 FM

Chicago Cubs

8:10 PM

Minnesota Twins

On the radio: WCCO - News Talk 830

Houston Astros

On the radio: WCCO - News Talk 830
8:10 PM

Colorado Rockies

On the radio: KOA 850 AM & 94.1 FM

Arizona Diamondbacks

9:05 PM

Pittsburgh Pirates

San Francisco Giants