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Podcast Relay FM - Rocket
Podcast Relay FM - Rocket

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  • 352: Wonderfully Weird Stuff
    Simone is off doing French things so Bri and Christina talk the Microsoft Surface event, iPhone 13 reviews (and Christina’s saga to getting an iPhone 13 Pro Max) and iOS 15 impressions, and finally try to unpack the drama happening around the movie adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen.
  • 351: Holding Ourselves Accountable...
    It's yet another Apple Event week here on Rocket, but a weirdly subdued one? Can Apple impress us with its new iPhones and its fancy rack focus camera feature? What about Brianna's long-awaited iPad Mini update? And will anyone, anyone at all be getting a new iPhone this year? Then, in our second story, Apple has patched the flaw that allowed the Pegasus exploit to get access to users' phones, and in our dessert, Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's testicles. Yeah. Find out what Twitter is ALL aflutter about on this sleep-deprived episode of Rocket!
  • 350: Many Apples
    Many many tiny slices of Apple are coming to you, listener. First, an update on Apple's CSAM tools and concessions to the anti-trust critics! But will it be enough to save the App Store? Next, we have an upcoming Apple event, so tradition calls for us to discuss what we are expecting. But what we weren't expected was Apple's car guy Doug Field leaving for Ford!! Is he so excited to have a product that finally launches? Maybe! All this and more on Rocket.
  • 349: Arriving Today!
    This week on Rocket, tech journalist and author Christopher Mims is here to discuss his new book, Arriving Today. It's the book that critics are saying "makes supply chains interesting" (Simone de Rochefort, 2021) — and guess what he does during this interview? He makes supply chains interesting!! You have to listen to believe it and then you will immediately want to read his book. Then, Google and Apple are being hit with a new law in South Korea, and Elizabeth Holmes is finally going to trial. That is, if they can ever find a jury of her peers.
  • 348: Only Fans, Only Problems
    But where are the only solutions? This week on Rocket we're talking about the Only Fans debacle, which came to a tenuous resolution mere hours before we started recording? Reverse Rocket Rule! Then, it's a deep dive into the Mystery of the Exploding PSUs from Gigabyte. Would you give up your hard-won GPU to save yourself from an exploding power supply unit? And finally: hey, new Spider-Man! That's an episode of Rocket.

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