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The Lit Show.

Podcast The Lit Show.
Podcast The Lit Show.

The Lit Show.


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  • Reeves Wiedeman on his obsessive viral article ‘The Spine Collector.’
    For the past 5 years, a mysterious figure has been tricking agents, famous authors, book scouts, and other unwitting participants into sending them their precious manuscripts. New York Magazine writer Reeves Wiedeman began an obsessive, exhaustive to figure out who this person is. Angie and Reeves talk about the exhaustive work (and danger) that went into finding the spine collector, as well as his book Billion Dollar Loser, The Epic Rise and Spectacular Fall of Adam Neuman and Wework.
  • Liz Plosser on mornings, routines, and working from home.
    With fall here in the US, and much of the world going in and out of lockdown, Angela is feeling like it’s a moment of transition, so she decided to talk to a friend and colleague for guidance. Liz Plosser is the Editor in Chief of Women’s Health, and she’s written a new book called Own Your Morning. Angie and Liz talk about changing routines, how your personal life can bring joy to your work zoom meeting, and how to survive working next to your partner. Let us know about your moment of transition on Twitter or Instagram @LitUpShow.
  • Parker Posey on her friendship with Nora Ephron, acting with integrity and the past lives of dogs.
    Angie misses New York. Yes, she still lives there, but she's missing the beautiful chaos of life before the pandemic in New York. Maybe that's why she decided to share one of her favorite episodes with the quintessential New Yorker Parker Posey. If you're a lucky New Yorker, you saw her walking in the East Village, crossing the street in a turban or with her little dog Gracie. Back in 2019, before the pandemic, Angie and Parker got together at an energetic New York spot to talk about her memoir, You're on an Airplane, A Self-Mythologizing Memoir. They talk about Parker's upbringing, her artistic process, how she prepares for roles in films like Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, and a lot more.
  • Min Jin Lee on the history of Korean families in Japan (from 2017).
    For the next couple weeks, we’re going into the archives to give you some of our most requested episodes. This week, Angie talks with National Book Award Finalist Min Jin Lee about her smash novel Pachinko. It’s a timely conversation about complicated history and the experience of people who are persecuted where they live and have no choice but to flee. Next we’ll be revisiting Angela’s conversation with the one-and-only Parker Posey! Please tell your book-loving friends and family all about Lit Up.
  • Katie Kitamura on the charismatic nature of power and her new novel, Intimacies.
    This week on the podcast, Angela speaks with Katie Kitamura, author of the new novel Intimacies. Katie and Angie talk about how novels become different things once they are written, what it’s like being married to a writer, and catching your students on YouTube. Katie's new novel, Intimacies, is available now and you can purchase via the link on our website,

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