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Podcast Africa Today
Podcast Africa Today

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  • Ethiopia: Renewed air strikes on capital of Tigray region
    Tens of thousands of people are without food and aid as the conflict rages on in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. There have been country-wide demonstrations in Nigeria to mark one year on since mass protests against police brutality. And Kenyan band Sauti Sol make plans for solo careers after their current tour.
  • Ethiopia: TPLF counter offensive
    The latest on the conflict in Tigray, as TPLF and ENDF forces clash north of the city of Dessie in Amhara. Kenya is one of more than 20 countries where suicide is still a criminal offence. We meet the campaigners trying to change that. And concerns over an increased risk of HIV transmission prompt South Africa to turn down the Russian Sputnik V Covid-19 jab.
  • Sudan protests expose ‘worst and most dangerous’ political crisis
    The latest on the protests in Sudan, where there are divisions within the transitional government which is supposed to be steering the country on the path to democracy. We hear from within the Forces for Freedom and Change. Africa currently imports roughly 85% of its food. What benefits would greater self-sufficiency bring to the continent? We bring you a special report from Benin. And after an 8-month hiatus due to the pandemic, Africa’s premier cinema festival is back. We take you to FESPACO in Ouagadougou.
  • Anti-apartheid veterans arrested after ministers held hostage
    over fifty people have been arrested after the Minister for the Presidency, Defence Minister and her deputy were held hostage on Thursday night by former anti-apartheid war veterans. Police in Kenya arrest the husband of popular Kenyan athlete Agnes Tirop, after she was found dead last Wednesday. The challenges of delivering Covid 19 vaccines to South Sudan. We also take a look at the upcoming presidential elections in Cape Verde.
  • Military deployed to quell eSwatini school protests
    We speak to a teacher’s union leader from eSwatini, where transport workers have joined student and civil society activists after two weeks of protests. Plus, a report from Tanzania on how farmers affected by climate change are using new techniques to adapt to their changing surroundings. And we meet the young hopefuls from Nigeria hoping to make it in the NFL, even though they’re new to American football.

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