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IGN UK Podcast

Podcast IGN UK Podcast
Podcast IGN UK Podcast

IGN UK Podcast


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  • IGN UK Podcast #610: Deathloops and Toffee Hoops
    Cardy, Matt and Emma are here to talk about the delight that is Deathloop. We also have impressions of the Call of Duty Vanguard beta which Emma has been playing, a lovely photo puzzle game called TOEM which Cardy enjoyed, and Matt's journey through the psychedelic rock coming of age tale, The Artful Escape. Want to submit your own Endless Search, food opinion, or a bit of other nonsense? Feel free to get in touch with the podcast at: [email protected]
  • IGN UK Podcast #609: Too Much Happened This Week
    Not only did a PlayStation showcase happen this week packed with God of War, Marvel and Star Wars games, but the long-awaited trailer for The Matrix Resurrections dropped as well. Cardy, Matt and Joe are here to talk all about them as well as all of the films and games they've been enjoying over the past week. There's a lot, so buckle in for a long one. Want to submit your own Endless Search, food opinion, or a bit of other nonsense? Feel free to get in touch with the podcast at: [email protected]
  • IGN UK Podcast #608: A Far Cry From The Forgotten City
    This week the IGN UK podcast heads to Yara, the setting of Far Cry 6. Matt's spent a few hours in its jungles, and so tells Dale and Jesse exactly what he thinks of it so far. There's also chat about House of Ashes, the next game in the Dark Pictures Anthology, as well as more thoughts on time loopers Twelve Minutes and The Forgotten City. All that doesn't mean that we don't have time for an Endless Search and listener feedback, so listen all the way through for the full package.
  • IGN UK Podcast #607: DokeV's Llama Would Batter a Xenomorph
    Cardy, Dale and Jesse are here to pick out a few highlights from gamescom's Opening Night Live, including Korean colour-fest DokeV. Lot's of games have been played this week as well, so why not sit back and hear all about Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Psychonauts 2, Riders Republic and The Forgotten City. If you have time for some TV as well, then why not book a stay at The White Lotus? This weeks Endless Search will have you screaming wildly into the sky while tearing your hair out so we can only apologise. Want to submit your own Endless Search, BSS character idea, or a bit of other nonsense? Feel free to get in touch with the podcast at: [email protected]
  • IGN UK Podcast #606: Lucy's Unfortunate Train Ride and Other Stories
    Cardy and Matt are joined by friend of the podcast, Gamespot's Lucy James, to discuss how they're all faring breaking out of the puzzling time loop that is 12 Minutes. But don't worry, this episode is far longer than just shy of a quarter of an hour. There's also chat about the newly-revealed Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Cardy's been playing Ghost of Tsushima again to explore the new island added as part of the Director's Cut. Plus we have a quick look at what's going on in Marvel's new animated series, What If...? As ever, there's also a fun little break for a round of the Endless Search, as well as your feedback (which, predictably, is entirely British Sitcom Smash themed.)

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IGN UK Podcast

IGN UK Podcast

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