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A Point of View

A Point of View

Podcast A Point of View
Podcast A Point of View

A Point of View


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  • Suffer the Children
    In the aftermath of the recent report on religious groups in the UK carried out by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, Rebecca Stott ponders the tension between defending the right to religious freedom and defending the rights of the child. "Maybe it is time," she writes, "to admit that closed, highly-controlling environments , that refuse or escape scrutiny in the name of religious toleration... might not be safe places to entrust the hearts, minds and bodies of children." Producer: Adele Armstrong
  • Little Amal
    As thousands of Afghan refugees look to make their home in the UK, Michael Morpurgo tells the story of one child refugee, Little Amal. "Surely," he argues, "just as we now fully acknowledge our global responsibility to restore the world about us, the world we ourselves have damaged, so we must play our part as one of the richest nations on earth, to welcome in as many refugees as we can, to give them safe haven with us, to treat them right, as we know we should." Producer: Adele Armstrong Recorded by James Vickery of Radio Devon
  • The Limits of Reason
    John Gray on how former British Prime Minister, Arthur Balfour, identified a weakness in the idea that science and faith are opposites. "Beyond our narrow corner of things, there may be limitless possibilities, or else primordial chaos," he writes. "Our belief in the uniformity of nature is not a result but a presupposition of science - in other words, an act of faith." Producer: Adele Armstrong
  • The Secret Life of Food
    Sara Wheeler looks at the emotional power of food. "It's regrettable", she writes, "that the link between food and happiness has been broken by the epidemic of obesity that bedevils the developed world." Producer: Adele Armstrong
  • The Creep of the On-Screen Narrative
    'I don't want to find an eight-part drama more interesting than my life', writes Zoe Strimpel. Zoe reflects on the power of TV as a coping mechanism at the height of the COVID pandemic. But she argues that the creep of the on-screen narrative must now be slowed down in order for us to fully re-engage with our lives. Producer: Adele Armstrong

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