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The Film Programme

The Film Programme

Podcast The Film Programme
Podcast The Film Programme

The Film Programme


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  • Emma Thomas: How Batman Began
    With Antonia Quirke Producer Emma Thomas reveals the conversation she had with partner Christopher Nolan that led to the making of Batman Begins, the film the changed the course of the superhero movie. Robert Shaw's son Ian takes us behind some of the scenes in Jaws that form the basis of his new play The Shark Is Broken, and explains why the famous Indianapolis speech had to be filmed twice In his last ever diary entry before the programme ends on September 30th, cinema owner Kevin Markwick explains why Bond movies have always been important to the survival of The Uckfield Picturehouse; this year more than ever before.
  • Mark Gatiss: Anthony Hopkins superfan
    Mark Gatiss tells Antonia Quirke what it was like to work with his hero Anthony Hopkins on The Father, and how he persuaded him to reprise a famous scene from one of his classic films as a birthday present for fellow League Of Gentleman member Reece Shearsmith. Sean Barton reveals some secrets from the editing suite and how he made the audience gasp in a famous scene from Jagged Edge. Annette director Leos Carax explains why the star of his film about a two year old singing sensation is played by a puppet.
  • Maria Djurkovic
    With Antonia Quirke You might think that fewer movies would be made during a pandemic, with continual testing and all the restrictions on social distancing. In fact, the British film industry has never been busier, and production designer Maria Djurkovic explains why that's the case. Script supervisor Angela Allen reveals all the unpaid jobs she did during her five decades in the film industry, from second unit director to editorial consultant to Katherine Hepburn's double in The African Queen. The directors of Shorta, Frederik Louis Hviid and Anders Olholm, tell Antonia why their thriller about a riot in a housing estate is very different from the typical Danish movie.
  • Hossein Amini on Heat
    In the final edition of Moving Image, Francine Stock talks to Hossein Amini about the film that has obsessed him since the first time he saw it in 1995. Heat was the first film to bring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino together in the same scene and it's had an influence on the writer of Drive, The Wings Of A Dove and McMafia ever since.
  • Jude Law, Ayten Amin and Mark Jenkin
    Jude Law talks about his latest release The Nest, a suspenseful family drama set in Surrey in the 1980s, what he really likes about making movies and what acting in Contagion taught him about pandemics. Egyptian director Ayten Amin describes working with non-professional actors in her feature film Souad about young girls and their relation with social media. Mark Jenkin's filmmaking audio diary continues with his experiences shooting smoking chimneys and mantlepieces. Presenter: Antonia Quirke Producer: Harry Parker

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The Film Programme

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