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The Mojo Mecca Podcast

The Mojo Mecca Podcast

Podcast The Mojo Mecca Podcast
Podcast The Mojo Mecca Podcast

The Mojo Mecca Podcast


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  • ◈ 02 – Navigating Pregnancy Termination, Grief & Loss with Forest Wisdom – with Elizabeth (Buff)
    TRIGGER WARNING: This episode speaks about Arthrogryposis, termination of pregnancy, feticide injection, abortion, death and grief. Elizabeth (or Buff) is an environmentalist from the UK now stewarding land in Portugal with her husband – tending to the vision of creating food forests and hosting people for regenerative, sustainable experiences on their land. We delve into a heartbreaking and intense journey Buff went through earlier this year. The details of which i'll save for her own articulation - but as mentioned in the trigger warning, it involves immense loss and trauma. She offers so many pearls of wisdom and resources here. I will allow you to receive from her instead of inferring too much. Connect: HER RESOURCES – TFMR support: - TFMR Mamas: - Time to talk TFMR podcast: General support for pregnancy and infant loss: - ARC - antenatal results and choices: - Petals charity: - Tommy's:
  • ◈ 01 – Dark Nights to Light Days & Art for Arts Sake! with Tilde Lebouc
    Welcome to Episode 01 in this new series of candid conversations with The Mojo Mecca community! We are diving in with Tilde Lebouc – an artist, visual storyteller and devotee of all things creativity. She has studied ceramics, fine arts videography & photography. Her practice is intuitive, process-focused and raw. She feels that the camera, the poetry & clay are all extensions of her heart and vision, and that art is a way of life. She is also the founder of FAC (Feminine Arts Collective) – a collaborative community supporting all forms of creative self-expression and sharing art as medicine – through events, workshops and exhibitions. In this conversation we chat about: - family re-connection, homecoming and returning to the nest to remember and integrate parts of our younger selves - the purpose of 'dark nights of the soul' and how we can relate to those times more healthily - dropping out of school and moving to the bush at 16 - creation and destruction as the constant spectrum of life and nature - art for art's sake; letting go of the end result - how her name, mis-pronunciation and nicknames can fragment and alter self-perception and identity - a water bathing ritual of release + more! Connect with her here: To have a conversation as a part of this candid community series, email [email protected] - all are welcome.
  • Be interviewed on Mojo Mecca! Enquire within...
    If you're interested in sitting down and being interviewed/conversing with Chloe of The Mojo Mecca, please email: [email protected] & we can make a time to chat via zoom. They will be 30 mins sessions (approx). You're welcome to be anonymous or known. Bare all or stay discreet. The topics will be around art, creativity, travels, love, interesting stories to tell, ways that you stay balanced and well in the midst of these times, etc etc. Look forward to chatting babez. Photo by Ragnhild May.
  • Creative Prompts: Day 7 – Akal Guru Jagat & living your legacy.
    The last in this 7 day series of storytelling & creative prompts for you to muse on in your journal or canvas. Had some bad internet and travel days hence the slight delay in this last one being released. Today we muse on discernment, honouring the purpose of our projects & offering ourselves to the future/our legacy – plus I honour the rich and incredibly inspiring one Guru Jagat is leaving on the planet. Akal, akal, akal. Much love & gratitude for listening in, Chloe.
  • Creative Prompts: Day 6 – Softening, being malleable, like water.
    The sixth in this 7 day series of storytelling & creative prompts for you to muse on in your journal or canvas. Had some bad internet hence the slight delay! Today the creative prompt is to soften our hard edges with the element of water, to become more malleable and willing to change and adapt and transform. In a world that asks us to choose, what if we allowed ourselves to choose differently each day? Much love & see you for day 7, Chloe.

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