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Podcast Radio Hour

Podcast Radio Hour

Podcast Podcast Radio Hour
Podcast Podcast Radio Hour

Podcast Radio Hour


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  • Lots of Love
    Laura Grimshaw and Isy Suttie look at podcasts about love. Families, pets, friends, grief, misguided crushes, fandom, sex and relationships - love in lots of forms is in here. Alix Walker and Lisa Smosarski talk about their podcast Love Letter to My Friend, and Karen Rice from Stolen Goodbyes discusses love, loss and grief. Also featuring these loved-up podcasts: Cuddle Club Shagged Married Annoyed You'll Do Coupledom I Wish I Was An Only Child Some Families Petcast Love Stories with Dolly Alderton Crushed with Margaret Cabourn Smith
  • What's New for September + Ladies Who London
    Chris Pearson and Scott Bryan suggest new listening for September. We'll speak to the hosts of Ladies Who London, a podcast hosted by two London tour guides which aims to highlight hidden parts of London's history. Plus we'll hear clips from: Stories of our Times- The Legacy of Penrhyn Castle Short History Of Tipsy Tourism On The Outside BBC Countryfile Magazine Plodcast - Histories and Mysteries of the Countryside The Wild with Chris Morgan Bees in a Pod with Rob Beckett Atlantic… A Scottish Story The Grand Scheme - Snatching Sinatra Finding Q: My Journey into QAnon Conversations with Annalisa Barbieri Lecker: A Food Podcast- Kitchens
  • Summer Scrapbook Two
    Podcast Radio Hour presents postcards from producers, presenters, comedians and friends recommending some great listens for the Summer. FEATURING: Alan Cumming on You're Wrong About and The History of Literature Moy McGowan on Shrine of Duty Chrystal Genesis on From Root To Vine Scott Bryan on Pieces of Britney Athena Kugblenu on Cane Warriors Iain Lee on Nothing Is Real Jessica Fostekew on Sara Pascoe's Sex, Power, Money Harriet Kemsley on Joan & Jericha Tom Sandars on This Classical Life Chris Aldridge on Elis and John Dan Mersh on Alan Partridge: From The Oasthouse Toby Hadoke on Something Rhymes With Purple Nick Briggs on Frank Skinner's Poetry Podcast Anna Smith on Grounded with Louis Theroux Helen O'Hara on The Thrilling Adventure Hour Alex Riley on Mastertapes Steve Urquhart on Decode Tim Harford on 99% Invisible Isy Suttie on St Elwick's Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Laura Lexx on Trivia Warfare and Complete Guide To Everything Laura Grimshaw on The Things We Do For Love Chris Pearson on The Birthday Girls' House Party
  • What's New for August?
    Chris Pearson and Scott Bryan suggest new listening for August. Pandora Sykes talks about Radio 4's new podcast Pieces of Britney, and discusses what Britney's story can teach us about society as a whole. Plus Martin Zaltz Austwick discusses his new podcast Neutrinowtach, a podcast that, via coding wizardry, automatically releases a newly generated episode every day. And we'll hear clips from Sideways Have You Heard George’s Podcast Building Queertopia A Thorough Examination with Drs Chris and Xand A Life More Wild She Said, They Said The Town That Knew Too Much Very Modern Quests
  • Summer Scrapbook
    As part of 4 Extra's Summer Season, Podcast Radio Hour presents postcards from producers, presenters, comedians and friends recommending some great listens for the Summer. Featuring: Alan Cumming on Bad Gays Arthur Smith on Desert Island Discs Athena Kugblenu on Have You Heard George's Podcast? Jake Yapp on The Adventure Zone Alan Smith on Political Thinking Andrew Peach on Who? Weekly Tina Ritchie (and Nicky Campbell) on One Of The Family Ken Bruce on The Archers Toby Hadoke on A Wheezing and Groaning Sound Natalie Haynes on Robin & Josie's Bookshambles Daljit Nagra on Frank Skinner's Poetry Podcast David Miles on Countrystride Kathy Clugston on You Must Remember This Lou Conran on Drunk Women Solving Crime Jon Holmes on Brain Cigar Laura Grimshaw on Cold Case Crime Cuts Chris Pearson on The Aunty Donna Podcast Amanda Litherland on The Beef and Dairy Network

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