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Podcast SUCCESS Insider
Podcast SUCCESS Insider


SUCCESS Insider is a weekly podcast to engage, educate and inspire emerging leaders and success seekers.
SUCCESS Insider is a weekly podcast to engage, educate and inspire emerging leaders and success seekers.

Available Episodes

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  • Brilliant Thoughts: Shifting Your Identity with Anthony Trucks
    After a standout career playing football at Oregon, Anthony Trucks seemed poised to have it all. Just a few short years later, he found himself with injured and out of the league with a failed business and a family life in disarray. He has since put the pieces back together and reclaimed the good life. He describes to Tristan the key steps in this transformation and shares lessons that can apply to anyone's life. See for privacy information.
  • The SUCCESS Line: Deciding What to Charge for Coaching with Kailene
    After dealing with addiction issues and going through some serious personal growth, Kailene is ready to make a living out of sharing the lessons she has learned. However, she is unsure about some of the business aspects of starting a coaching business. Rory provides guidance on a number of the practical aspects of launching a new firm. See for privacy information.
  • SUCCESS Stories: Finding Ways to Live Your Favorite Self with Kristen Glosserman
    Dealing with change is universal, but success isn't. Achievement comes through adapting to your circumstances. Kristen Glosserman is one of the top business coaches in New York City, and her new book If It's Not Right, Go Left is full of perspective on what it takes to make the right adjustments when change comes your way. Buy her book here: See for privacy information.
  • rich and REGULAR: Do Competitive People Make More Money?
    “Competitive” is one of those charged words that people either identify with or they don’t. It’s a word that is used to positively describe winners and negatively describe people who aren’t good team players, all at once. On this week’s episode, Julien and Kiersten Saunders (@richandregular) tackle the question: do competitive people make more money? Listen in for a nuanced discussion of how your competitiveness can either benefit or harm your financial journey.    Full show notes and resources can be found here: Connect with us in the Success Achievers Community where we host monthly training on a range of topics! It’s completely free to join and there are opportunities for networking, courses and special events. Visit: See for privacy information.
  • Brilliant Thoughts: Understanding Power with Tiziana Casciaro
    Power is a complex topic, but Tiziana Casciaro and her co-author Julie Battilana have a new book out that makes this topic easier to understand clearly. Tiziana talks with Tristan about how one can apply these lessons in business to become a more effective leader. You can purchase Power, for All: How It Really Works and Why It's Everyone's Business here: See for privacy information.

About SUCCESS Insider

SUCCESS Insider is a weekly podcast to engage, educate and inspire emerging leaders and success seekers. Hosts Josh Ellis and Shelby Skrhak, from the SUCCESS editorial team, will keep you up to date on the latest trends in personal empowerment, entrepreneurship and career development, discussing books, ideas and news that you should hear. They’ll chat with special guests, including authors, industry experts, business leaders, trendsetters our own SUCCESS staff and all around successful people. It’s the show to power your next breakthrough!

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