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Fit & Fearless

Fit & Fearless

Podcast Fit & Fearless
Podcast Fit & Fearless

Fit & Fearless

Get inspired by Tally
Get inspired by Tally

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  • Dr Hazel Wallace: Your Questions on Coronavirus Answered
    NHS Doctor and Nutritionist Dr Hazel Wallace - AKA The Food Medic - joins The Girl Gains to answer your questions on the coronavirus. They discuss nutrition and taking supplements, to how to deal with stress.
  • The Coronavirus Explained
    Dr Joshua Wolrich joins Zanna, Tally and Vicky to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and offers his advice on how we can try to stay healthy at this time.
  • Exercise and Isolation
    Tally, Zanna and Vic get together - virtually - to discuss how they’re dealing with being in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, share tips for exercising whilst at home and answer some of your questions.
  • Sleep
    Dr Sophie Bostock is on a mission - to change the way many of us think about sleep. She joins Zanna, Vicky and Tally, in the last Fit and Fearless of this series, to discuss the science behind a good night’s kip and how sleep can impact both our physical and emotional health.
  • Grief and Exercise
    Journalist, author and powerlifter Poorna Bell joins Tally and Vicky to share her story of how weight training and exercise has helped in dealing with the death of her husband. If you’ve been affected by anything we’ve been talking about then you can find information and advice at BBC Actionline.

About Fit & Fearless

Zanna and Vic – aka the #GirlGains crew - as they talk all things fitness and body confidence.

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Fit & Fearless

Fit & Fearless

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