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Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Podcast Spectrum | Deutsche Welle
Podcast Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Spectrum | Deutsche Welle


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  • Why did all those African penguins die?
    It was a great mystery for conservationists in South Africa. At first, nobody had any clue what happened to a waddle of 65 African penguins found dead in Cape Town. And then they found the bee stings.
  • Safe swimming, infidelity, and a correction
    We love getting emails from you — and this episode's full of them. Got something to say? We're [email protected]
  • Why Germany will wait on vaccinating young kids
    The BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine appears to be safe and extremely effective in 5-to-11-year-olds — even at low doses. But when can parents actually vaccinate them? Also, a look at an ongoing experiment involving dogs, an aging rock band and a whole lot of sweat.
  • COVID-19's connection to political violence
    Do you know anyone who's become a bit more... politically agitated since the start of the pandemic? According to new research, it could be connected to pandemic psychology.
  • Weekly roundup — Monkeys play video games & delaying that 3rd jab
    What can we learn from a bunch of rhesus macaques playing video games and 'choking' under the pressure? Also, it may be better for all of us if you don't get a 3rd jab any time soon, and a deep dive into the experiment that potty-trained cows.

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Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

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